Call for participation in the IWOCA 2014 Problems Session

Dear IWOCA 2014 authors, program committee members, and participants!

Do you have an open problem that you would like to see presented at IWOCA 2014? As every year, we will have an open problem session at the conference, and we encourage you to contribute a problem within the general areas covered by IWOCA (combinatorics, graph theory, strings, algorithms, ...). This problem could either be presented by you or by the problem session chairs. After the conference, open problems will be included on the IWOCA website.

This year's problem session co-chairs are Zsuzsanna Lipták, Hebert Pérez-Rosés, and Uwe Leck. Please send your open problem suggestions to Uwe Leck by September 30, 2014.

We are looking forward to an interesting open problems session.

In conjunction with this activity, we have recently initiated a webpage of problems described at previous IWOCA meetings. These pages should encourage collaborative work between IWOCA meetings and will record progress on the problems. Presentations at the Problems Session automatically induce an invitation to contribute to the webpage.


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